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April 2024, Fun evening with lab over dinner


March 2024, A normal working afternoon in the lab - everyone is busy doing exciting science!!


Feb 2024, We are having so much fun with the some of our very young science enthusiasts at IISc Open Day 2024

Feb 2024, Open-day prep is in full swing!! We are very enthusiastic and ready with our posters, models and fun quizzes! Winners of the quiz get chocolates and considering all of us love chocolates, we have made Anjaney in charge of safekeeping these chocolates till open day as he only likes them and does not love chocolates 🤣🤣

Feb 2024, Anjaney is fully focused on developing our NGS pipelines and analysing new sequencing runs! Ready for some cool results to start popping out soon!!!

Nov 2023, We are up and running!! Shivaani doing the first RNA extraction ;)

Oct 2023, Our first lab lunch ;)

Sep 2023, Our lab is growing! Welcome Aliya, Shivaani and Sai :)

Sep 2023, 1st batch of shipment came ;)

Aug 2023, Renovations in full swing

July 2023, I joined at the Dept of Developmental Biology and Genetics, the Indian Institute of Science

Pre-renovation lab

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