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Assistant Professor

Developmental Biology and Genetics,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 


Postdoc: Institut Pasteur, Paris

PhD: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

During my PhD, I studied the role of chaperone Hsp90 in the life cycle and virulence of protozoan parasites. For my post-doc research, I transitioned to explore epigenetic gene regulation and inheritance mediated by small RNAs in the free-living nematode, C. elegans, in the lab of Dr Germano Cecere at Institut Pasteur, Paris. I am currently a faculty at the Indian Institute of Science and my main interest is to understand the evolution of small RNA pathways in protozoan parasites and their role in host-parasite interaction.  In my free time, I love to read, travel and very recently I picked up acrylic pour painting as a hobby.

Click to know more about my Ph.D. and postdoc research 

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MSc Life Sciences Student

Division of Biological Sciences

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 


BSc (Hons) Biochemistry: Aligarh Muslim University

I am currently an MSc Life Sciences student in the Division of Biological Sciences, IISc. I completed my graduation in Biochemistry (Hons.) from Aligarh Muslim University. I am interested in understanding the complete mechanism of RNA interference and how it can be utilized in therapeutics to treat infection, cancer, HIV and other genetic diseases using small RNAs (siRNA or miRNA). I am also interested in stem cell-based therapeutics. 

My project will focus on understanding the role of atypical RNAi machinery in host-pathogen interaction

Besides, I love reading and writing during my leisure time. I engage myself in activities like puzzle solving, sketching, etc. and enjoy learning new things every day.

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 Project Associate

Developmental Biology and Genetics,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 


MSc Biotechnology, Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu, India

As a budding biologist, I have always been fascinated by the level of complexity behind the simplest unit of a biological system—the cell. Over the years, my fascination bloomed into an obsession of deciphering what makes a cell tick. I aspire to understand the mechanisms that orchestrate cellular fate and behavior, and how their genetic disruption can spur disease pathogenesis. Currently, I am a Project Associate at IISc, investigating the epigenetic regulation of host-pathogen interaction using neglected tropical parasites as a model system.

Beyond the lab walls, I indulge my mind as an avid reader of popular science and fictional worlds alike. Classic horror and thriller films and series never fail to stimulate my imagination. I also lend my free time to an NGO, spreading awareness about cancer by conducting educational and community outreach programs.


Sai Nand Hebbar

Research intern

BSc. Triple majors (Chemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology) : MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce 

I see myself leaning towards the idea "Jack of all trades because science is fun"

I love interdisciplinary research with a mixture of a little bit of everything. My DBT-funded project for my bachelor's thesis was on the Biosynthesis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and their Bio-applications. I see myself dwelling in various domains like Drug Discovery, Proteomics and Cancer Biology in my future phases of my career as a whole. Presently I'm focusing on Genomics, especially Bioinformatics and also trying to up-skill myself in different wet-lab techniques. 


Besides the nerd stuff, I love playing football both on foot and FIFA and yes, I support Arsenal. Occasionally I play in chess tournaments (not FIDE-rated). Love reading poetry, mainly by Keats, Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath and Bukowski.

I also like to produce weird music from Ableton, which is only fancied by myself:)


Swetha Karthikeyan

Research intern

B. Tech, Chemical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering

I'm a final-year chemical engineering student at SSN College of Engineering, who took a detour into the captivating field of biological sciences. My smattering exposure to molecular biology and epigenetics led me to explore the fascinating realm of small RNA epigenetics and RNA interference of Toxoplasma gondii. 

Being a passionate Carnatic vocalist, humming to myself, binge-reading a classic Agatha Christie novel classifies as a perfect holiday to me.

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